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CORONAVIRUS: THE PHARMA PANDEMIC -- HighWire Episode 154 | The HighWire
CORONAVIRUS: THE PHARMA PANDEMIC -- HighWire Episode 154 | The HighWire
CORONAVIRUS QUARANTINE -- HighWire Episode 155 | The HighWire
CORONAVIRUS QUARANTINE -- HighWire Episode 155 | The HighWire
CORONAVIRUS: A NATION DIVIDED -- HighWire Episode 161 | The HighWire
CORONAVIRUS: A NATION DIVIDED -- HighWire Episode 161 | The HighWire
CORONAVIRUS: THE GREAT AWAKENING -- HighWire Episode 162 | The HighWire
CORONAVIRUS: THE GREAT AWAKENING -- HighWire Episode 162 | The HighWire
CORONAVIRUS UNMASKED -- HighWire Episode 163 | The HighWire
CORONAVIRUS UNMASKED -- HighWire Episode 163 | The HighWire
Israel’s Covid chief calls for fourth vaccine dose | The Independent
Israel should begin preparations for administering fourth coronavirus vaccinations, the nation’s Chief Covid-19 Officer Salman Zarka has said
SAD: Fully Vaxxed Jesse Jackson Hospitalized with Covid - NewsRescue.com
Double-jabbed activist Jesse Jackson has been hospitalized in Chicago along with his wife after testing positive for Covid-19. From Fox News, “Rev. Jesse Jackson, wife Jacqueline hospitalized for COVID”: Jesse Jackson, 79, is ...
“More than Meets the Eye”: Another PubMed Paper Warns of Potential Dangers from Vaccine and Covid Spike Proteins - N...
NewsRescue In a recent paper titled "Be aware of SARS-CoV-2 spike protein: There is more than meets the eye," published in the Journal of Biological Regulators and Homeostatic Agents, T C Theoharides et al. repeated a scientific w...
Unvaccinated Americans are REFUSING Blood Transfusions from People with COVID-19 Vaccine Over Fears Blood Tainted, Has S...
by Nolan Barton | NaturalNews.com Some unvaccinated Americans are refusing blood transfusions from vaccinated donors for fear that the blood from someone who has received a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine is tainted in some way. Th...
MAGNETISM: Moderna Stock Takes Hit as Japan Withdraws 1.6M Doses for “Contamination” with “Substance that Reacts t...
Update ( Aug 30, 2021) Japan finds more contaminants in Moderna vaccines, suspends use of additional 1 Million doses, is investigating deaths of two 30 year olds who died after second dose. TOKYO/ NEW YORK -- About 1.6 million dos...
“Hands Off Our children”: Tens of Thousands Protest In Berlin Against Restrictions, Mandatory Vaccines - NewsRescue....
Several thousand people marched through the streets of Berlin on Sunday for a second day of unauthorised protest against coronavirus vaccinations and restrictions aimed at curbing a fourth wave of the pandemic. Protests –avoided...
Gravitas: Pfizer's abusive vaccine deals - YouTube
Pfizer has become a terror. The US pharma company is reportedly asking for military bases and sovereign assets as guarantee for vaccines. WION's Palki Sharma...
Outbreak of SARS-CoV-2 Infections, Including COVID-19 Vaccine Breakthrough Infections, Associated with Large Public Gath...
This report describes COVID-19 outbreaks associated with large public gatherings in Massachusetts.
Face masks to prevent transmission of influenza virus: a systematic review
Influenza viruses circulate around the world every year. From time to time new strains emerge and cause global pandemics. Many national and international health agencies recommended the use of face masks during the 2009 influenza ...
Functional Family Medicine Physician Gives Local School Board a Science Lesson on Viruses
This is Dr. Daniel Stock, a functional family medicine physician at Noblesville, Indiana. Here he gives the Mt. Vernon Community School Board a lesson on viruses, as well as the advice they rely upon from the State Board of Health...
Why are magnets sticking to people who have been vaccinated? Magnetic personality? Not hardly.
Have they been chipped or even worse? Doctor not taking patients that have been recently vaccinated (shedding) due to transfer of the virus: Part 1: https://www.bitchute.com/video/J2PPq1j1XGQF/ (3:40) Part 2: https://www.bitchute....
mRNA “Spike” Kills Says Salk Institute
The mRNA vaccines, Moderna & Pfizer, make your body produce the “spike” of the coronavirus. In research funded by the NIH, the Salk Institute discovered the spike itself causes vascular (heart & circulatory) issues as well as...
By the numbers in Chicago, NY, New Orleans, Milwaukee Find out more about the show and where you can watch it at thedavidknightshow.com If you would like to support the show and our family please consider subscribing monthly her...
There Is No Virus - When That Penny Drops, All Else Follows - David Icke Dot-Connector
How they pulled off the pandemic - https://www.bitchute.com/video/vPHlo2P3TG22/ Our Video Sponsor - No Hype Invest - https://www.nohypeinvest.com The Answer is available now at https://shop.davidicke.com/product/the-answer-by-da...
BIG STORY - PLEASE SHARE: 'Virus' test revelations with David Icke and Andrew Kaufman
Our Video Sponsor - No Hype Invest - https://www.nohypeinvest.com The Answer is available now at https://shop.davidicke.com/product/the-answer-by-david-icke/ Sign up to the brand new Ickonic Media Platform - https://www.ickonic....

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Vrij Nieuws uit onafhankelijke nieuws bronnen.
Complotontkenners.nl indexeerd regelmatig websites die het echte nieuws publiceren maar dat niet doen op basis van de agenda's van multinationals en elite, maar op basis van onafhankelijke en vrije nieuwsgaring.
Wat MSM mainstream media, Silicon Valley en de EU technocraten verbannen, censureren, blokkeren, shadowbannen spinnen en verdraaien "de waarheid dus" dat vind je hier veel sneller.
Wat je hier NIET vind zijn "gepushte trol-resultaten" die leugens en halve waarheden door je strot proberen te duwen.

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